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Hi, i am a student who just graduated from High school but cannot further due to lack of

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The Christmas Cat
FAFSA Federal student Aid‎

Apply now or soon every State has Application deadlines. You will need this past years tax statements from you or your parents who ever works in the home you are living like a husband. Sometimes you will need to have the forms sent from the Tax office directly to them so start early. The people that don't get aid are those that procrastinate in doing everything involved.
If you don't work or are not a dependent you fill out the form differently.
Read all the rules. Local cheaper schools you might get full financial Aid for your studies
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Amy k   in reply to woman in a shoe
Thank you
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Amy k   in reply to Autumn Hamilton
Yes i am Autumn
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woman in a shoe
Sorry no cash on this site some don't have food some homeless some not able to pay there bills good luck
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Autumn Hamilton
Amy are you online?
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